Alin Kalam

My name is Alin Kalam. Apart from my profession as an executive in digitalization and data-driven fields, I am also an entrepreneur, technology evangelist & part-time professor.

Additionally, I am currently serving in several organizations in honorary management/steering board member and advisory positions. In those functions, especially within the domain of scientific coordination, academia, I offer my knowledge and network helping communities to grow and evolve into the digital era.

As an expert in my field I look back on a career track of more than a decade and have served in several program- and business area-leading positions in multinational companies from finance, telecommunication, energy/aviation, start-up and many other innovation-centric fields.


What I do…

Independent Advisor

As a dedicated community member within my international network I advice organizations from a holistic & strategic point of view when dealing with new technologies.

Technology Evangelism

I hold keynotes, share panels and lead workshops in fields of my experience as Big Data, AI, Data-driven Sustainable Business Transformation, Data Management etc.

Scientific Coordination & Part-time Professorships

I am part-time professor/ visiting- or external lecturer at universities and coordinate scientific projects with industry and academia.

Network and Community Expert

I co-organize Data Science Conference Austria and hackathon to connect the data-driven community in Europe and North America.


“Data- & technology-centric business transformation must be approached holistically…”